Letter from Nikos Romanos, political prisoner
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  04-12-2014 19:19
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  Letter from Nikos Romanos in hospital, in response to the rejection of his demand for educational leave. From "The ghosts of Occupied London" from Indymedia Greece.
  I try to put to paper the last segments of coherent thought, in response to the latest developments and the renewed rejection of my demand for educational leave.
Greek original
I try to put on paper my last segments of coherent thought, in response to the latest developments and to the renewed rejection of my demand for educational leave.
Already from the early days of my hunger strike I had stated, in my intervention during the solidarity assembly that took place in the Polytechnic, that the negative response of Nikolopoulos [the attorney handling Nikos’ case ― trans.] who had for all this time claimed to have no jurisdiction over my case, is the opening of a state strategy aimed at my elimination. This political assessment was verified in full. Initially with the order of the attorney of Korydallos Prison, Evangelia Marsioni, for my forced-feeding ― an act that constitutes a real rape and which has already led to death Holger Meins in Germany and members of GRAPO in Spain, among others. To their credit the hospital doctors binned away the attorney order and refused to commit such a state crime.
Then, my appeal to a juridical council outside prison (a judicial move chosen by many inmates, when the prison council turns down their applications) was rejected under the pretext that the council was bound by Nikolopoulos’ decision: the exact same decision against which the appeal was made.
For anyone who has the slightest comprehension of politics, the intervention by the Ministry of Justice one day before the council would convene was a crystal-clear order for the rejection of my demand ― and I will explain why straight away.
The statement issued by the Ministry of Justice cleverly states that Athanasiou [the minister of Justice ― trans.] is not responsible, before adding the following: “educational leave is granted exclusively by the council in charge (that of the prison), which is chaired by the attorney, while for those awaiting trial, the consent of the judicial body that ordered the the temporary custody is also required”.
In other words the validity of the appeal was cancelled out by the minister himself, plainly and clearly. All this, dressed in the nonexistent proposal for lectures via video-conferencing instead of granting leave ― which cannot hold due to lab classes, where attendance is compulsory. In addition, this would pave the way for prison councils to banish of educational leave altogether, as their fear to take any responsibility is well-known. Therefore, the video-conferencing solution would apply to all prisoners.
By the exact same reasoning, soon enough visits by our families would take place through screens for security reasons, as would our court cases. Technology in the service of “correction” and justice. Human progress or a fascist turn... history shall tell.
At this point it is worthy for me to state the role of the Special Appeals Court judge investigator, Eutixis Nikolopoulos, who has taken clear political orders from his line managers in Ministry of Justice ever since I started my hunger strike ― and which is why they all place responsibility on him. In return, he will get promoted to the Supreme Court, just like his predecessor, Dimitris Mokas, did: Mokas has led tens of anti-anarchist, repressive campaigns. He now enjoys the highwage of the judicial elite of the Supreme Court. A coincidence? I think not.

I for my part continue, passing by whatever chance of stepping back and I respond with a STRUGGLE UNTIL VICTORY, OR STRUGGLE UNTIL DEATH.

In every case, should the state assassinate me with its stance, mister Athanasiou and his posse will remain in history as a gang of murderers, abettors in the torture and murder of a political prisoners. Let’s only hope those free spirits will be found that will judge the law of justice in their own way.

In closing, I want to send my mutual guilt and my friendship to all those who stand by me, by all their means.

Finally, a couple of words for my siblings Yannis [Michailidis], who is also hospital, Andreas [Bourzoukos], Dimitris [Politis] and quite a few others.

The struggle also gestates losses, since in our pathways toward a dignified life we must take death by the hand, risking to lose all in order to win everything. The struggle continues with a Punch on the knife, again and again.







PS: I obviously cannot control social automations caused. Yet any SYRIZA members and any other merchants of hope have shown up here have had the door slammed on them WITH NO DIALOGUE, while I stress out once again that I have officially signed my refusal in the administering of any saline water.

Nikos Romanos
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