We are going after some animals at the Bahnhofsmission in
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  02-07-2010 17:30
Auteur : Sudetendeutscher Secret Service
  Message received we are already informed by our men protecting him ,it is an about 35 year old male who in past has been harassing our bishop.Standing order identify that vermin , quarantine and readicate discretely as a warning to others .Standyby waiting for report.  
  We ask his supporters to do anything to get him out of the hands of these animals,BID Commissioner Marcelino Libanan and the boss Alfred Lehnert of the commisioners detention centre at Bagong Diwa knew in spite of international law forbidding this that he sent him in his death fighting as a human rights advocate for Filipinos suffering their ire.Get those criminal insane bastards Alfred Lehnert is our pleasure ARF take care of Libanan.  
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