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  01-07-2010 10:11
Auteur : Church of Mankind philippines
  Elder Dr.Johannes Brunner encourages you beloved Philipinos to send us Missionaries to Europe.A complex that became inhuman to its people and morally decadent betraying their creator.As people in the Philippines are allowed to starve it is a personal request of our Bishop Joachim HEIMRATH to activate a welfare arm to help the needy and avoid unscroupelous businessmen and government officials to steal those donations given by heart.You should verify that the addressee is given it.  
  During the earrth quake under Pres.Cory Aquino who had a good laugh to the press in front of death and destruction expensive blankets and food from abrad was sequestered by officials rags and sub standard food given to the Poor.Any calamaty is a reason for income and business using the calamaty to beg .This is degraceful and betrays an irresponsible leadership.But our people on the street need help as they were put there by the Roman Catholic Church and the Government.Millions were sent to Infanta,Quezon province with Aetas driven to the market place under Bishop Tirona and his Deacon Dutchman THEODORUS VAN LOON ALIAS DEACON MARIO to encourage pity to get money but the people are poorer than even .Bishop Tirona and Deacon Mario got fatter and fatter and the energy certainly does not find its relieve in celebacy.We petition you indymedia to help Filipinos from Filipinos abroad and make shure that the money given is given to the right people .What we all need is work to get human dignity the Roman Catholic Church stole the money they could have used for work creation even in Germany and left the people starving.Bishop Joachim Heimrath was disgusted when Deacon Theodorus van Loon said that after the flood there was really money coming.Bishop Tirona, rather than feeding NPA be a good chap and remember the least you have done to the least of my brothers and sisters you have done to me.Does that include weapons for NPA financed by the GERMAN EMBASSY IN MANILA PHILIPPINES? to kill brother and sister Filipino?  
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