Additional Telep commands hunting after NPA Phils
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  01-07-2010 08:17
  5 new Telep units of the Sudetendeutsche Secret Servicce from Great Britain ,some SAS ,are now deployed against Roman Catholic Seminarists and Priests in the Quezon Province involved in gun smuggling,organ sale , drug trafficking , human smuggling et al.Standing Order : shoot to kill on sight target caught in the act.Their fantasy uniforms are no excuse against crimes of an animal against humanity.Most seminarists are supplying food,money and weapons via Infanta ,Quezon.NPA members caught will be shot for attacking Sudetendeutsche Families.  
  ARF thanks Sudetendeutsche Secret Service as comrades at armes and welcomes further help from the world of brothers and sisters to free us from those animals whether Filipino we deal with ourselves and Foreigners the Sudetendeutsche Secret Service is hunting.A standing Order against Alfred Lehnert , his brother and those foreigners in Camp Bagong Diwa working for him will be liquidated.They are as Germans say volgelfrei for any family man.There is a reward for their head check with our criminal investigation unit in Los Banos---  
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